How We Work

Our Mission

The primary mission of Wheels4Hope is to repair donated vehicles and sell them as Program Cars to qualified recipients who are referred by Partner Agencies. Program Cars are vehicles that are in sound mechanical condition and are valued in the $2,000-4,000 range. Believing in the principle of ownership and with a commitment to partnership, Wheels4Hope requires recipients to pay $500 for their car and be responsible for title and transfer fees. In the process of providing affordable cars, Wheels4Hope also stands behind each program car with a 6-month warranty.

In addition to repairing and selling program cars, Wheels4Hope also sells low-cost cars to the general public. These vehicles provide opportunities to those with modest means to purchase an affordable vehicle.

How We Cover Our Costs

The organization operates largely on income generated by the sale of donated vehicles. Most of these vehicles are repaired and sold as program cars or to the general public (see above). Other vehicles that are beyond our geographic reach or ability to repair are sold with 100% of the proceeds going to support the work of Wheels4Hope.

Additionally, significant support comes from volunteer mechanics and Partner Garages that provide labor to repair vehicles donated to us. Charitable gifts from individuals, congregations, corporations and foundations allow for the organization to invest in growth and capital opportunities to expand and strengthen the impact of our mission.