Wheels4Hope Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point

110 South Walnut Cirlce
Greensboro, NC 27409

Phone: 336-355-9130
Fax: 336-355-9131

Wheels4Hope Greensboro Hub serves the Triad including Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point. We are honored to be linked with wonderful organizations like StepUp Greensboro, Malachi House II, Mary’s House and Housing Authority of Winston-Salem. Learn more about vehicle donation in the Triad.

Your donated car will be used to directly support our mission of providing affordable, reliable transportation to those in the community, who are going through difficult transitions. We are also looking for volunteers to help repair cars, please call us today or contact us through our website. Or you can find out more information about donating your car at our Greensboro location.


We are always looking for volunteers to help repair cars!

Click here for information on volunteering. >>