Your Old Vehicle Can Be A Real Blessing

For a family

Getting the kids to school. Shopping for groceries. Getting to doctor’s appointments, after school activities, or just going to visit friends and relatives. These everyday errands can be a huge burden — and sometimes just not possible — for a family without a car. You can put that family on the road to freedom.

For someone starting over

When someone is trying to get back on their feet, getting a job is a crucial first step. To get and keep a job, you have to be able to get to work, on time, ready to work. To advance, you may have to go to night school. Without a car, getting to work might mean walking for miles — in any weather — or spending hours on a bus. Getting to night school might just be beyond reach. You can put that someone on the road to a new life.

I have a large family, so it can be very challenging using public transportation , costly for a taxi, and sometimes burdensome to ask people for rides. My vehicle from Wheels4Hope clears all those troubles away and helps my family move forward to becoming self-sufficient and productive in the community.


Enjoy Bigger Tax Savings

Let’s say you have a 2000 Toyota Corolla in good condition. It’s fair market value is $3,150.

Most car donation programs will sell your car in the wholesale market for $1,750. That is the most you can claim as a tax deduction.

If Wheels4Hope uses your car for our program, you can deduct the full $3,150 fair market value from your taxes!