Vehicle Donations in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, NC

Faith-Based Initiative--Wheels4Hope

A safe and reliable vehicle gives people the freedom to work, go to doctors’ appointments, take their child to daycare, run errands, and so much more. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is simply the ability to show up and be on time.

Wheels4Hope is a nonprofit, faith-based car donation organization that was created to assist people who have gone through a significant life transition and are receiving support services to become self-sufficient through a Wheels4Hope partner agency.

If you own a vehicle that you don’t drive anymore, and you don’t know what to do with it, reach out to Wheels4Hope. Whether your car is in tip-top shape or hasn’t run in years, your vehicle can change someone’s life. When you make a decision to donate your car, do not worry about the performance of your vehicle. If we determine your car can be repaired using our quality guidelines, our mechanics and partner garages will handle getting the vehicle road-ready and safe and reliable. If not, we will sell the car to pay for the repairs for our program vehicles. So, either way, your donation is benefitting a family in need.

If you’re interested in making a difference in someone’s life, please contact Wheels4Hope Triad to find out how your used vehicle can make someone’s life easier. Our Greensboro hub serves the Triad area of North Carolina and partners with dozens of organizations that refer individuals to us who need cars.

Donate Your Vehicle Today!

Wheels4Hope was created with a vision to change people’s lives with quality transportation. Join us by donating your used vehicle! Not only will you be helping individuals in your community, you will also receive tax benefits and a sense of joy through your generous donation.

We’re an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization that continues to impact individuals and families throughout the Triad area.

Bigger Savings on Your Tax Return

  • $1,750

    sm-stackpotential tax deduction from
    The Other Guys

  • $3,150

    lg-stackpotential tax deduction from
    Wheels 4Hope

Let’s say that you donate
a 2000 Toyota Corolla
in good condition

Most Car
Donation Programs

will sell your Corolla in the wholesale market for $1,750 = your tax deduction

will use your Corolla for our program: fair market value $3,150 = your tax deduction!

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