Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Driven

Volunteers stand at the heart of Wheels4Hope. Volunteer mechanics, car enthusiasts and Partner Garages donate their labor to repair our cars. As a result, Wheels4Hope is a largely self-sustaining organization.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Car Runners - to pick up donated cars and transport vehicles to/from our Partner Garages
Mechanics and Car Enthusiasts - to assess and repair donated vehicles
Administrative Support
Car Sales

Sign up to volunteer or get additional information by filling out our on-line survey. You can also email us or call the Wheels4Hope garage in your area.

Volunteer Inquiry

There are three reasons why I volunteer at Wheels4Hope

  1. I get great satisfaction from directly meeting and seeing people who benefit from Wheels4Hope.
  2. It is uplifting to meet and work with selfless staff and volunteers who dedicate themselves to helping people who are committed to making their situations better.
  3. I am doing something that shows tangible results of the Wheels4Hope’s mission

Ken Kaufner, Volunteer