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Sunday was a great day for Wheels4Hope and the entire WRPC congregation as we celebrated our partnership and mission success. The life-changing impact of this partnership was brought to life by the car blessing following worship. The 1999 Buick Regal, donated by WRPC members Jerry and Barbara Carlson, was placed with Aleesha. Aleesha is a single working mom with 2 children (Noah, 4 years old and Corrin, 10 months). Aleesha relied on family members, the bus, and an occasional cab for transportation. She had never owned a vehicle before! Habitat for Humanity referred her to Wheels4Hope. 

The pictures share Aleesha and her children's joy. They also illustrate the transformative power of the church as the founder and faithful supporter of this vital ministry... individually and collectively through volunteers, car donations, and financial support.


left-quoteright-quoteWheels4Hope is a true blessing. When I first came in for orientation I was overwhelmed with God's love. This program is essential for me and my family to survive and stay independent by having transportation. Wheels4Hope is a humble blessing.


JS from Southlight received her Chevy Malibu. Her 6 month old daughter was here for the blessing and all smiles as her mommy received the keys to her vehicle. JS had been without a vehicle for 3 years. This car will allow her to pick up more shifts at work and also go back to school.


Marlene from PLM-Families Together received her Honda Odyssey. PLM helped Marlene get into her own home! Marlene is a mom of 8! She works full-time and had been without a vehicle for over a year.


left-quoteright-quoteI have a large family so it can be very challenging using public transportation, costly for taxi, and sometimes burdensome to ask people for rides. Obtaining a vehicle from Wheels4Hope would clear all those troubles away and help my family move forward to becoming self-sufficient and productive in the community. I can take them to school, programs, dr. visits, and church.


Michael received his Pontiac Sunfire at Wakeminster Baptist Church on Sunday June 15th! This vehicle is the first car Michael has ever owned - what an accomplishment! Michael completed the program at the Raleigh Rescue Mission and now has his own place! Michael works full-time and before receiving his car spent 2.5 hours on the bus just getting to his job! Michael has dreams of going back to school for engineering and now, with his own reliable transportation, he will be able to do that! Thank you to the RRM for working with Michael to become self-sufficient. Thank you to Wakeminster for your support and hosting the car blessing. Thank you to Triangle Car Care for completing all the necessary repair work on the Pontiac Sunfire! Congratulations on all your hard work and achievements Michael!!


Why Donate Your Car to Wheels4Hope?

easy-iconIt's Easy!

Simply give us a call and we will take care of everything.

good-iconRecycle Your Car

Wheels4Hope will use your car to help provide reliable transportation to economically-challenged members in our local community.

tax-iconGet the best tax advantage around

If your donated car is placed as a program car, you can claim the full fair market value of the vehicle as a tax deduction. If not, where possible, we repair your car and sell it on our retail lot (generating the best value for your tax deduction). For all cars sold, 100% of the proceeds go to support our mission.

local-iconHelp local people in your community

We partner with community agencies that promote self-sufficiency and refer applicants who are ready for the financial responsibility of owning and maintaining a car. Reliable transportation is critical to anyone seeking to find or keep a job and for parents with dependent children.