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Christopher received his Nissan Maxima at Passage Home on Wednesday June 18th! Christopher had never owned a vehicle before, so this was a very special car blessing. Christopher works full-time and has a one year old son. He needed this vehicle to get to and from work, to get his son to his medical appointments, and to get to the grocery store. Christopher had to pay people for rides in the past, but with the keys to his Maxima came the independence to get around town on his own schedule! We celebrated Chris' car blessing with all the Passage Home staff at their new apartment complex on Coleman St!


Shaneka was surrounded by love and support at her car blessing on Sundayat Fuquay-Varina United Methodist Church! Shaneka was referred to Wheels4Hope through the Christian Women's Job Corps. Shaneka was enrolled in the Caring Connections Program through CWJC and was matched with a mentor. Shaneka had been without a vehicle for 8 years. She has an 8 month old son who she can now get back and forth to preschool without relying on others. Shaneka also plans to use her 2000 Ford Taurus to get to work and to find housing. Shaneka, we are so proud of you!


Jemillia was all smiles as she received the keys to her 2000 Honda Civic. Jemillia has spent the last 5 years riding the bus and was very excited to have her own transportation again! Jemillia was referred to W4H through the Durham Housing Authority - one of our new partner agencies. Jemillia is enrolled in the Family Self Sufficiency program at DHA. This 5 year program works with clients on setting and achieving goals. One of Jemillia's goals was to buy a vehicle! Now with her own transportation, Jemillia is going to work on her next 2 goals: obtaining her GED and getting a promotion at work! Congratulations Jemillia! We wish you all the best.


Kimberly was delighted to receive the keys to her 1999 Taurus Station Wagon. She was referred to W4H by Mary’s House. She had been without a car for several years and was utilizing the bus system extensively as well relying heavily on friends to get her to and from work. This car is a huge blessing for Kimberly and her 6-month old daughter.” - In Kimberly’s words “ If you had told me a year ago that I would have a license, and new car I would not have believed it. “



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Latisha and her 10 year old son, Bryce, received their 2000 Nissan Maxima last Thursday! After a year of using the bus, Latisha and Bryce took their last ride to the Wheels4Hope office to sign all the paperwork and purchase their car!

Latisha was referred from the Raleigh Rescue Mission, where she has been staying for the last year. She works two jobs and had been without a vehicle for 10 years! Latisha plans to use her car to pursue employment and housing options now that she is no longer limited to the bus route! Way to go, Latisha! Congratulations on all your hard work!


Michael had been without a vehicle for four years! Michael works two jobs and depended on public transportation or rides from friends to get around. Michael lived close to the W4H office and would stop in often to say hello as he was walking to the bus stop! Now we get to see him drive past in his new ride! Congratulations, Michael!


Habibah and her 13 year old daughter received the keys to a 1999 Honda Accord at their Car Blessing last Monday! Habibah was so thankful that the days of spending hours on the bus are behind her! She would like to pursue additional employment opportunities, and trying to coordinate bus schedules around interview times was a big challenge for her. Habibah also needs this vehicle for medical reasons, so getting to her doctor's appointments will be much easier from here on out!

In Habibah's words, "It means having the freedom to do what I need to do to create stability in my family's life."


Before receiving this vehicle, transportation was by far my biggest obstacle. It is only by pure determination that I have gotten to work and to my kids’ school and then home again every day for the last 3 months. It is not easy. It requires me to take 7 different buses every day, not including the kids’ school bus that picks them up in the morning. “This vehicle means prayers are answered. Now I can get to work and to my kids' school without asking for rides or waiting in the snow for a bus. Now, I am closer to being completely self-sufficient."


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