We are humbled and honored to announce that Wheels4Hope is celebrating 23 years of service to the community! It has been a true blessing to help thousands of people have safe and reliable transportation for their work and daily lives. We offer our sincere gratitude to all those who have donated their vehicles and to our staff who have made families dreams of owning a car a reality. Here is how our car donation process has changed 4,558 lives and counting!


Early Beginnings

Wheels4Hope was founded at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church in 2000 by John Weistart and Chris Simes. John, a law professor, and Chris, an engineer, realized the necessity of owning a car for individuals to maintain a job, support their families, and pursue an education.

Through a mission group within the church, the founders started a volunteer garage that served low-income community members who desperately needed reliable transportation. Then, on May 22, 2000, the group filed the paperwork to establish the non-profit organization. Since then, Wheels4Hope has been a fully-qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organization, serving those throughout the Triangle, Triad and Western North Carolina regions.

How The Car Donation Process Works

To better understand how Wheels4Hope has helped thousands of in-need individuals and families, we’ll explain how the car donation process works. You’ll know how our charity operates and learn how your donation goes to help those in our community.

Funding and Donations

The proceeds that Wheels4Hope receives from donors and the general public is used to support the charity’s work. Income for our operations is generated by the sale of donated vehicles, which we repair and sell as cars in the program. Some vehicles we receive may be sold to the public that aren’t suitable for our program recipients, such as sports cars and luxury vehicles, and 100% of the proceeds are invested back into Wheels4Hope initiatives.

Labor and Mechanics

Some of the car donations we receive may require maintenance and repairs. With significant support from volunteer mechanics and partner garages, Wheels4Hope is able to repair vehicles into safe, running condition for recipients. Through the charitable help from mechanics and skilled laborers, we are able to provide vehicles that change lives for thousands of people.

Application For A Car

We provide safe and reliable vehicles through our application process. Those needing a car have the opportunity to begin the application process by contacting one of our Partner Agencies in the Triangle or Triad. The agency will work to address the individual’s challenges and needs, while also determining if they are a good fit for a Wheels4Hope car.

Once the application is completed, the recipient will pay $500 for the car, as well as NC DMV title transfer fees and taxes. After these steps, an orientation is scheduled to cover the program specifics, warranty information, and car maintenance.
After certifying that insurance is purchased for the vehicle, we will hold a car blessing event in the recipient’s honor. This is a special time that we cherish at Wheels4Hope where we hand over the keys and celebrate the new car owner!

Learn More About Changing Lives With A Car Donation To Wheels4Hope

Since opening 23 years ago, we have watched others build fulfilling lives for themselves and their families after receiving a vehicle from us. We are so grateful to all our donors, volunteers, staff, and supporters who have contributed to our mission of providing essential, life-changing transportation. To learn more about donating to Wheels4Hope, give us a call at our Triad or Triangle Location or fill out our contact form.