For every person who receives a safe, reliable car, their lives are forever changed. Car donations give members of the community the ability to work, provide for their families, and create a life of their dreams.


At Wheels4Hope, our car donation program provides life-altering support to those in great need of a vehicle. We’ve witnessed firsthand how car donation recipients and their families can turn their lives around. Now, we’d like you to experience a powerful story about someone who recently received a vehicle from Wheels4Hope.


Robert’s Story

Meet Robert, a hardworking person who has spent years relying on public transportation and walking to work. Without a car, Robert dealt with unreliable bus schedules, long commutes, and lost time away from family. Despite setbacks, Robert had immense perseverance to make it to work every day, but that all changed when he received a car from Wheels4Hope.


Robert and his family after receiving a car.


Robert recently became the proud owner of a new Hyundai Sonata. With this new set of reliable wheels, Robert can get to work easily and spend more time with loved ones. The door to countless opportunities has opened by receiving this car, like access to better-paying jobs and previously out-of-reach employment options.


With a revived chance at life, Robert has set an ambitious goal for himself and his family – to buy their own house. And with the new vehicle, this dream can now become reality. Like the 4,558 & counting Wheels4Hope car recipients, Robert has a bright future ahead. 


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Car Donations Create A Path To Financial Success

For many who don’t have access to a stable source of transportation, financial success becomes nearly impossible. Getting to work in a safe and timely manner becomes a great challenge without a vehicle, as public transportation can often be unreliable. 


Those who receive a car from our organization unlock new opportunities for a financial path they’ve only dreamed of. After receiving a vehicle, our car donation recipients have new access to higher-paying jobs that align more with their career ambitions. Our car recipients can finally experience financial stability and independence with better performance and greater opportunity.


Change Lives With A Donation To Wheels4Hope

Life-changing stories are possible because of generous donations from individuals like you. By donating to Wheels4Hope, you can be assured that you’ll make a profound difference in someone’s life. We make it a simple and easy process, as we’ll pick up your car and handle all the paperwork. With the help of one of our partner agencies, any maintenance or needed repairs will be completed to ensure the car is safe and reliable.


Give us a call today to donate your car or make a cash donation. If you’re in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) area, dial 919-832-1941. For the Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point), call 336-355-9130.